Over the last few years, God has really been showing me the importance of prayer in my relationship with Him, but also the importance of interceding in prayer for others. Below, I have listed a few things that are currently weighing heavy on my soul, that I would love to lift up to my community for prayer, and I would love to pray for the things that God has placed on your heart! Feel free to shoot me prayer requests in the form below!

  • Wisdom & words: The students that I work with, both at DSS and TLC, come from backgrounds of abuse, depravity, poverty, and hopelessness, and DESPERATELY need God. Please pray that I would know how to meet them where they are and plant seeds that God can use to ultimately draw them closer to Himself. As a socially-awkward introvert, I’m not naturally bold in speaking to people about God, so I genuinely covet prayers for wisdom on how to speak Life and Light into the lives of my students, regardless of my location.
  • Sweet, deeply needed vacation: In the world of education, summer vacation is a beloved season. For me, this season means time out of state with family and friends, camping, and drinking coffee in the afternoon sun on patios downtown. But for my students, time away from school often means too much time spent in situations or with people that may not be the best for them. Please pray for protection for the kiddos that I adore– that they would be protected from the larger world and from their own (sometimes) poor choices.
  • Fundraising: As I transition out of a long season at the Denver Street School, I am walking into a season of preparing to leave for Alaska. In order to do so, I need to have $16,000 pledged/raised for my salary for the 2015-2016 school year at Tanalian Leadership Center. I have full confidence that the Lord is going to provide, seeing as He has led me to this ministry and adventure. However, I could definitely use prayer as my faith is tested. Pray that I would learn how to lean into God and not panic. Pray that I would be reminded of His Goodness and provision time-and-time-again. (To learn more about my work at TLC or to donate to my funding, click here.)
  • Transition Time: Transitions are hard in general, but as I leave somewhere that has been home for nearly a decade, I need to be reminded daily that God is not calling me out into the wilderness simply to bail on me. Please pray that I would remember why I am going and why I have stayed in the past. Pray that I would continue to invest in relationships here in Denver and not mentally “leave for Alaska before I go”, as my roommate and I always say. It seems hard for me to reconcile investing in a place that I will soon be leaving, but I know that is what the Lord has called me to and therefore I long to be faithful to His calling.

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