Why I Write

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I never “set out” to be a writer, but over the last five years, the Lord has revealed to me that writing and storytelling are just as much a part of my DNA as being 6’2″ or Latina is.

My profession has changed and changed again since I began this blog in 2013, but writing has always been a point of constancy in my professional and personal journeys. Whether it has been teaching writing and reading at the Denver Street School or writing newsletters to tell the stories of those the Lord has called me to serve at the ends of the earth, writing has drawn me closer to Jesus. I pray that you, my readers, are able to find encouragement in the miraculous and mundane things of His world in the words on this website.

Because above all, I seek to glorify the Lord with my life and the words that He speaks into and through me everyday.

Call me crazy, but I believe that words matter. I believe the Lord spoke this world into being a la Genesis 1:

Let there be light.

Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters and let it separate the waters from the waters.

Let there be vegetation and stars, a sun and the moon, let there be fish teaming in the sea and magnificent beasts of every kind.

Let there be man, made in His image, and companionship, love, and relationship flowing freely.

The Lord used words to bring all of creation into existence and He promptly said, “It is good.”

For me, this story is more than a Sunday school lesson; it reveals the power of words– the power to create, to sustain, to bring life. 

That, friends is what I hope you find in my writing– life.

Life abundant.

Life with Christ.

No matter what season you’re in, what you do for a living, who you’ve been in the past or who you see yourself becoming, there is likely something for you here. And if you don’t find something for your soul here, then I urge you to find someone’s writing you can relate to because I also strong believe that when we stop speaking, writing, listening, or reading, a part of us begins to die.

So here’s to life, truth, relationship, and more of Jesus on the internet and through every single word we speak out into the world.


Kacy Lou


 (Click here to listen to a marvelous “video podcast” about the power of writing and words by N.D. Wilson. I promise you won’t regret it.)


*Verses directly quoted above were pulled from the English Standard Version; other emphasis and paraphrasing mine.


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