Training wheels to landing gears — Trevor’s Story


Trevor has a long-standing history with Tanalian Bible Camp (TBC). He has spent his summers at TBC since he was 11 years old. “At first, I just started coming to TBC because it was something fun to do in the summer, but after a few years, I started to come because I wanted to learn more about God. I wanted a relationship with Him.”

Trevor put his faith in Christ after his parents separated a few years back, and after he was miraculously healed from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. He largely credits his ability to give his life to Christ, even in the midst of such difficult circumstances, with hearing the teaching at TBC every summer. “There was something different about the people and pastors who would teach us here—they had energy and passion. They seemed free, even though they admitted life was hard… I wanted to be free like them too.”

The village of Manokotak where Trevor comes from has a church, but the majority of the sermons are preached in Yup’ik, the local native language. “I don’t speak much Yup’ik,” Trevor explained. “When I would go to church at home and try to learn about God, it was really hard because I could only understand a few words here and there. But here at TBC, I could understand the entire sermon because it was in English. I’ve grown a lot in my relationship with the Lord here.”

Trevor’s story is not only an example of how Tanalian Bible Camp is changing lives, but it is also an example of the work the Lord is doing within our resident discipleship program at the Tanalian Leadership Center (TLC), as he is now back for his second year with the program.

“I came to TLC two years ago and lived with three other guys and the men’s mentor, Andrew. That year I grew a lot, in my faith, through having Bible class everyday, and just personally too. I came to TLC that year with the mentality of a ‘little brother’; I did what I needed to do, but I also made it my mission to annoy the guys I lived with as much as I could. But by the end of the year, I could see that I had begun to grow out of that and into the man God wanted me to be.”

Trevor has spent the last year working in Manokotak, continuing to learn more about airplanes—a passion that was ignited in him after spending his first year at TLC working as an mechanic apprentice for a local air taxi.

When an opportunity arose for Trevor to come back to TLC for this year and become the first student to partner with True North Aviation—a local non-profit aiming to train youth from the villages of Alaska how to fly—Trevor jumped at the opportunity.

“I’m happy to be back at TLC. I know that God brought me here to be a ‘big brother’ to the guys at the program this year; I know I’ve been called to be a leader within this community.” SweetBoys

Trevor’s growth is obvious to anyone who talks with him. “I really like Bible class, even though it’s my second time through, and I’m even hoping to teach a few days with Andrew throughout the year. Going through ground school with some of the TLC staff has been fun, but the feeling I had on my first flight lesson when my instructor looked at me and said, ‘Trevor, you have 70% control over the plane… Man, that feeling was just the best!’”

Trevor’s aspirations for the year are to grow in his understanding of the Gospel, complete his private pilot’s license, and continue to move toward his new dream of becoming a missionary pilot. “I want to take the Gospel to the villages in Alaska where there aren’t churches. I want people to see there is Hope and freedom in Jesus, and that they don’t have to stay in the darkness and fear of drugs and alcohol.”

“TBC and TLC taught me what it looks like to go from living life alone, to going through life with training wheels, to flying on my own.” -Trevor

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