About Me


My name is long, so most people simply call me Kacy or Lou. (Or if you’re one of my high schoolers, “Yo, Miss!” usually gets my attention…)

I’m your a-typical 6’2″ Mexican-American, barefoot hippie.

I’m a ragamuffin, blue-haired sinner who has been swept off her feet by the Most Perfect Jesus.

Love, coffee, and the promise of adventure get me out of bed every morning.

Fairy tales absorb most of my right-brained thoughts, but my passion for linguistic science and inner-city education balances me out (a bit).

I’m a bi-product of the school of hard-knocks, learning to teach grace to my students at the Denver Street School.

I write to maintain my {remaining} sanity and likely enjoy cliff jumping, rock climbing, and barrel racing because I’ve lost most of said sanity at this point.

I’ve been told my whole life to ‘get my head of out the clouds’, so being the rebellious woman I am, I decided to become a pilot instead.

I’m an antsy, ambitious, adventurous soul learning to reacclimate to “normal American life” after a year of living in bush Alaska.


“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

(1 Corinthians 2:2)

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