Port Alsworth — The place I call home

PortAlsworthMapPort Alsworth, Alaska is a small village located 175 miles southwest of Anchorage. Accessible only by plane, the village is built around two long runways and is surrounded by Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.


In order to get to Port Alsworth, you must travel roughly two hours by bush plane through the Aleutian and Alaskan mountain ranges, passing glaciers, swamp lands, and some of the most stunningly blue lakes I have ever seen.

Lake Clark PassLake Clark take 2

The park and forest is home to brown, black, and the occasional grizzly bears, moose, dahl sheep, and several other large game animals. (Luckily one of the main vocations of locals involves some sort of hunting, so I will hopefully be fairly well protected.)


Tanalian Mountain (home of my favorite spot to sit and be with Jesus– the Lower Tanalian Falls, as seen below) guards the inlet to Port Alsworth, separating it from the Larger Lake Clark.

Lower Tanalian Falls

To see more of where I’m living, check out the lovely Kathryn Bronn’s video blog below.

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